The EASA part 66 aircraft maintenance licence is the world wide standard to be able to sign airplanes airworthy.
You can study at an EASA part 147 approved school for about 15000 Euro, plus accomodation, plus about 6 month no pay! But you can also study at home and the project will cost you between 1000 and 2000 Euro depending on the exam place.
You can take exams for the EASA part 66 /and equivalent licenses at approved exam places whenever you feel ready for it.
It is not easy, this is why I have built an exam preparation site.
 On my system you do not need any books!
You must apply for the licence when you have mastered all 13/14 exams, and prove sufficient work experience 
in a work experience log book within ten years!

You do not need to buy books for my system. If you want books anyway:
Here is a set of Books for the EASA part 66 Licence for those who want to buy books:

Aircraft Maintenance Books from:  Amazon.US   -   Amazon.UK   -  Amazon.DE   -  Amazon.FR

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