How to get the EASA Part 66 B1 and B2 licence in the USA !

First of all the EASA part 66 will cost you about $ 2500 in 12 month time!

To get the EASA part 66 is much harder than the FAA A&P, you must really study for it !!!

You must consider at least 3 exam trips!

My site provides you info and help about the EASA part 66 licence!

The EASA part 66 licence is divided in CAT-A, B1, B2,B3 and CAT-C.
For most of you it is best to get the B1 mechanical and /or B2 avionics licence!
My exam preparation costs you about $500 for a B1 licence or $500 for a B2 licence ($30 to $70 per module)!

Exams you must pass are here!

There is no oral or practical exam, instead you must present a work experience log book signed by one of your supervisors of an EASA part 145 approved company!!!  If you do not meet this, contact the UK-CAA by email , if they are accepting your work experience. There are other B1 or B2 equivalent licenses, depending on where you want to work!
My system is guiding students from exam preparation to work experience documentation!

You can take exams right away. You must present your work experience log book when you have mastered all exams and are applying for the licence at the UK-CAA!

Florida Exam costs about $100 per exam and you must pass 14 exams for a B1.1 licence!
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